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Employment tribunals

The thought of attending the employment tribunal alone for example can be a daunting task.

We can help with this, but we will primarily try to assist you to find practical solutions and resolve issues quickly wherever possible to avoid costly disputes. For an employee who has for instance, just got dismissed, the Employment Tribunal fees can be prohibitive, even when the claim has good prospects of success.

Initial consultations range from advising on a disciplinary process; what is expected in redundancy; how best to leave employment whilst on the sick; the benefits of a compromise agreement; allegations in the workplace such as dishonesty; gross misconduct; capability, discrimination to name but a few. We routinely provide independent legal advice on settlement agreements.

If there is no legal aid available for representation in Employment Tribunals where suitable we can offer you a ‘no win no fee” funding agreement. We are always happy to discuss your options of representation under a suitable funding agreement.

Clive Hindle - Solicitor at Hindle Campbell Law North Shields
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