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Established in 1978, Hindle Campbell Law provides the complete legal service for you, your business and your family.

We are progressive lawyers dealing with the areas of law which affect people in everyday life. We are very client friendly and don’t talk in a language you won’t understand. Whether you want help organising your business, or with all family matters, employments issues, property concerns or Wills, probate and lasting powers of attorney we have a dedicated team of solicitors and support staff whose objective it is to provide you with the best possible legal services at an affordable cost. Where possible we try to negotiate agreements rather than issuing costly and stress full court proceedings. This is not always possible however and if needed we have a team of successful skilled litigators. We have a excellent record of litigation success in both lower and higher courts including the Court of Appeal.

We believe in the importance of building lasting relationships with our clients, identifying with their legal and commercial aims and advising on how to achieve these as quickly and effectively as possible, this is demonstrated by the fact that much of our work is provided by repeat business and client recommendation. We pride ourselves on the fact that generations of families and businesses continue to use Hindle Campbell Law to meet all their legal needs.

No matter what your legal requirements are, we will provide you with professional, specialist advice and assistance. If you would like to know more about us, the services we provide or to view details of our partners please click on the relevant link. We provide initial free 30 minute appointments if you are unsure about your position and need general advice about whether or not you need a solicitor and what is involved if you do need one.

Anita Swift

I can issue divorce proceedings on my own, I don’t need a solicitor … do I?

You have decided to divorce and you are wondering whether you can deal with the divorce yourself to save the cost.

Can you? The answer is probably yes, you can. The process itself is relatively straightforward and HMCTS have moved it online to simplify things further.

However, the question you should really ask yourself is – should you …?

Due to the apparent simplicity of the process, we are finding that more and more people are now choosing the DIY option when it comes to divorce. However, we are also finding an increased number of problems. The main examples are:

  1. People are getting through the process to a point, and then finding it difficult to obtain a decree because something has gone wrong, legally or procedurally. In the end, it can often cost more to rectify these problems than it would to have instructed us in the first place. It usually always adds delay, too.
  2. In circumstances where someone has successfully completed the divorce process online, and then later wishes to instruct us to deal with financial settlements, there can sometimes be problems because of what was said in the divorce petition. Some of these errors can be fatal – one example involved someone finding out that they could not actually make a claim at all, for anything. Other less severe examples involved people who had to spend more and tax extra procedural steps to be able to make a claim for finance and property – in the end, again, costing more overall.
  3. Divorcing fundamentally changes your legal status and can substantially affect your entitlement in the event your ex-spouse pre-deceases you before financial arrangements are formalised.

Even though the process itself is online and apparently simple, divorcing is still a legal procedure which requires careful handling to ensure all the relevant things are thought about and all the relevant legal criteria are met. Almost always, it is necessary to consider the wider picture before ploughing on through it. Depending on how you approach it, you may cause yourself the kind of problems described above which can be self-defeating.

We offer a fixed fee for divorce (£600.00 inc VAT) and can ensure that you receive tailored advice which protects your interests. We can also offer advice on Wills at the same time so that you can make informed decisions which may not only affect how your estate passes, but also your ex-spouse and children.

Speak to a family solicitor today on 0191 296 1777 to arrange an initial, free, no obligation 30 minute consultation to find out more. We can offer appointments by telephone, video call or, if necessary, face to face in a Covid secure environment.