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Negotiating renewals of business leases

When a tenancy is nearing its end it is essential the tenant fully understands the requisite process to ensure the renewal proceeds smoothly and on terms acceptable to all parties. The terms may be set out in the existing lease or might be by statutory provision. In all cases timing is of great importance and legal advice should be sought sooner rather than later to ensure the process is carried out correctly and on good terms.

Landlords need to ensure that they are complying with their obligations on renewal and only granting renewals on the terms they agree.

Hindle Campbell Law has years of negating lease renewals for both commercial landlords and tenants and has the experience required to ensure our clients have their best interests protected.

We offer a no obligation fixed fee interview to discuss your requirements and assess the level of costs. This can be in person, telephone or email.

Clive Hindle - Solicitor at Hindle Campbell Law North Shields Emily Walker - Solicitor at Hindle Campbell Law North Shields.
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