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What are you entitled to when you separate or divorce?

At this very stressful time, you may be worried and frightened about the future, what will happen to your home, how you will afford to live, look after your children and what rights you have in respect of pensions.

It can be very reassuring to get clear straightforward advice about all of these very important and complicated issues.

We can help you to get:

  • Financial support from the other spouse to assist you until a final settlement is reached.
  • An order to transfer the home to you, or an order to sell the property if this is what you want.
  • We can obtain an order so that your spouse has to pay you a lump sum.
  • We can obtain an order that makes your spouse pay a contribution towards your legal costs.
  • We can also obtain a pension sharing order so that your spouse has to give a percentage of their pension to you. This can deal with pensions that your spouse is already receiving or still paying into. After the family home, the pension can be one of the most valuable assets.
  • We can also advise you about financial provision for step children.

We offer fixed fees and payments by instalments if required.

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