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Adverse possession

If you suddenly discover that part of the land you have always considered as being owned by you does not form part of your title and in fact belongs to someone else?

It could be part of a garden, a right of way, or even part of your house or business property. You can apply to the land Registry to acquire the area of land under Adverse Possession but this will depend of a number of factors, such as how long you had been in occupation and if not long can you prove previous ownership and occupation, what use you have had of the land, is it exclusively yours and fenced, who else has an interest in the land.

Our expert lawyers can advise you on Adverse Possession claims and timescales involved. Most applications take time but unless you own the land or can prove your right to use it you may not be able to sell or mortgage it. You might even have a third party asserting their rights over the land prohibiting you.

We offer a free no obligation consultation to advise you of your options if you find yourself in this situation.

We also act defending such applications if you are served notice that someone is trying to acquire land or terminate a right you consider is yours.

Emily Walker - Solicitor at Hindle Campbell Law North Shields. Tina Shaw - Solicitor at Hindle Campbell Law North Shields.
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