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Whether you are an employer or employee employment rights and regulations can become very confusing leaving you either at risk to a claim from a member of staff as an employer or out of time (due to strict time limits) to pursue a legitimate case as an employee.

Employment law is a specialised area of law that is forever changing with new rules and regulations so it is not surprising that help is more often than not needed to get it right. Employment law exists to protect the best interests of both employers and employees.

Hindle Campbell Law are experienced in this field and offer a full range of advice from an initial consultation through to full representation in the employment tribunal acting on behalf of both employers and employees. Let our experience benefit you.

Hindle Campbell Law can provide training to employers and staff on the basics of employment law, extending to specific areas of concern. We can tailor the training to your own personal needs either on a one on one basis or small / large groups either in the workplace or at our office in North Shields.

If you are an employer or employee and need help or guidance on any employment matters we are here to help. It is highly advisable that you do not try to sort things out on your own with the hope that the situation will have a positive outcome for you.

Getting it wrong can cost you more than you would think, either in paying out if you lose, or not claiming the amount you are entitled to if you win!

Should you find yourselves defending a claim being brought by an employee we will be happy to defend you including representation at an Employment Tribunal if a settlement cannot be reached. All work is in accordance with our hourly charging rates as set out here. If we need to instruct Counsel to provide an opinion and/or represent you at a Tribunal this is charged separately as a disbursement. You will always be notified of these charges and asked to approve them prior to us instructing Counsel on your behalf. Payment of disbursement must be made to us prior to that instruction being given.

At the outset of accepting instruction from you, you will be given a general estimate of the costs and timescales involved. These can change dramatically as a case proceeds and you will be provided with regular updates.

If you are an Employee wanting to take a claim against your Employer, providing your claim meets certain criteria and dependent on our resources we may help you by way of a Contingency Fee Agreement otherwise known as a no win/no fee agreement. This means that we have confidence in the merits of your claim and will not charge you any costs during the course of the claim. If you are successful, we will make a charge of 25% plus VAT of the damages you are awarded. Should you be unsuccessful you will not be charged.

Clive Hindle - Solicitor at Hindle Campbell Law North Shields
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