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Contact for Grandparents

The role of a grandparent in a child’s life can be of great importance, not only to the child but also to the grandparents. We have acted for a large number of grandparents ensuring through the court that they can enjoy contact with their grandchildren.

The only people who have an automatic right to apply to the Court for a Child Arrangement Order are the parents of someone who has parental responsibility.

If any Grandparent who wants to apply to court for a child arrangements order to have contact with their child needs first to obtain the permission of the court to make the application. If the grandparents can demonstrate they have previously had a close relationship with the child they will be allowed to make the application even if the parent objects.

When marriages or relationships break down grandparents who have often been very involved in their grandchild life can face not seeing their grandchild.

If you are looking to obtain access to your grandchildren or are experiencing difficulties with existing contact please call us to arrange a consultation.

Clare Usher - Solicitor at Hindle Campbell Law North Shields. Daniel Ruddick - Solicitor at Hindle Campbell Law North Shields.
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