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Meet the team at Hindle Campbell Law, we are an enthusiastic and dedicated team of lawyers and solicitors, with many years experience. We are all passionate about what we do and every one of us is responsible for the continued success of Hindle Campbell Law. Click on a photograph to find out more about us...

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Solicitor North Shields - Hindle Usher Law


Hindle Campbell Law

8 Northumberland Square

North Shields

NE30 1QQ

Tel. 01912961777

Head of Commercial and Company Law


Ocha joined Hindle Campbell Law following the sad loss of Maggie in the summer of 2017. Like her predecessor she is a young, poised and intelligent lurcher who was rescued from a care home in the Scottish Borders, hence the strange name (pronounced OKA). She has settled into office life very well and is the perfect employee spending most of the day lounging half out of her plush triple sized bed keeping a watchful eye on everything going on about her. She is quite happy now she has almost everyone at Hindle Campbell Law trained to her needs and demands (and very high standards). The ones who are not yet fully trained need to shape up quickly.

Ocha does have a bit of an issue with stairs, never having seen any before she went to live with Eileen. This can result in strong words of encouragement being heard when trying to get her down the long flight to go for her daily constitutional. These are necessary because it is how she picks up the local titbits of news which she hopes will provide some colour to her regular blogs on office matters.

She takes her job very seriously and is always available for comfort sessions if needed or just giving good, sound advice. She loves meeting new people and clients but is not too good on the legal advice bit yet!

You can follow Ocha’s blog of the exciting life of a para-legal pooch behind the scenes of a busy law firm on Twitter

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