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Collaborative law

This is a relatively new process set up to allow disputes between spouses or partners to be resolved without having to go to Court. Law firms have to be authorized to carry out this work and only a few firms have lawyers who have undergone the extensive training required to be appointed as Collaborative lawyers. Hindle Campbell Law are collaborative law specialists and registered to carry out this work.

We offer the opportunity for you to use a new process to resolve disputes with your spouse or partner without having to go to court. All negotiations take place during face-to-face four-way meetings. The difference is both of you and your respective collaborative lawyers work together as a team to create shared and lasting solutions, not just the best for both of you, but for the family as a whole.

Your respective lawyers offer advice, guidance and support in the development of shared solutions through the face-to-face meetings. Your respective lawyers also have responsibility for managing the process to ensure everyone keeps on track. You will commit to the process at the beginning by signing an agreement to negotiate a settlement without going to court.

Once settlement is reached, then your collaborative lawyers can convert this into a legally binding form whether court order or separation agreement, which is acceptable to both you and your spouse/partner.

If you think you might be interested in this alternative method of dispute resolution, we can offer an initial consultation with us to talk things through. We will outline the range of options for you including the collaborative process and explain the implications of each and use of other professionals as appropriate in the collaborative process.

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